Geenah Krisht founded Good Good Films to champion new projects and foster an atmosphere that empowers creatives to bring their vision to life. She has a deep love for collaboration and seeing people come together to make art as a team.

Geenah earned degrees in both film and journalism which immensely shaped her approach to storytelling and her agility as a producer. She spent several years working her way up from intern to producer at Dreamfly Productions where she developed, cast, and produced commercials, non-scripted television, and talk shows. And for the last eight years, she’s been freelancing as a producer and line producer in commercial, television, music video, documentary, short, and feature film production.

Now she’s exactly where she wants to be, pouring right back into the power of storytelling, developing and producing original content. Her vast knowledge and experience in physical production combined with her meaningful and established connections make up the perfect foundation for Good Good Films.

When you partner with Good Good Films, you get it all— access to industry professionals; a team that marries your film, that is present, dedicated, gives feedback, and holds your project’s hand from conception to distribution; and a producer who cares about your work, your process, your story, and your peace.